Whale Shark Adventures - Africa's only guaranteed Whale Shark Safari

Only in Kenya can you swim with whale sharks guaranteed and see elephants in the same day

1. Conservation

Help to save our gentle giants. 30% of our proceeds will go back into marine conservation projects such as the development of a whale shark breeding program, cashew nut oil processing factory and a rescue and rehabilitation center for sick and injured marine life.

2. Community

The EAWST has formed a Public Private Partnership in Conservation with the Waa community and established the Waa Whale Shark Research and Discovery Center.  A portion of the entrance fee will go directly to the Waa community. The center will also create many jobs for the people in Waa.

3. Diani Beach, Kenya

Located 30km south of Mombasa on the southern coast of Kenya along the Indian Ocean. Mainly a tourist area, there are many hotels, villas, cottages and campsites ranging from 1-5 stars. The clear warm waters and barrier reef make the area ideal for a variety of water sports.

4. East African Whale Shark Trust

The EAWST was established in 2005 to raise awareness, initiate research projects and protect whale sharks off the Kenyan coast. The trust has gained worldwide recognition for their research work in collaboration with international research organizations.

5. Deep Vision Films

A personalized DVD of each whale shark adventure is a must have to remember your experience of a lifetime. In addition,we are registered film agents and can facilitate; film licenses, boat hire, logistics, stock footage, crew and equipment hire for international film crews.

6. Volunteer Program

Join us in our conservation efforts and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit our magnificent country. Attachments are available for short and long term. Focus on marine biology, conservation or community help..you will enjoy a rich experience rest assured.


Whale Shark Adventures

Swimming with whale sharks in their own enviornment is an unforgettable experience. Choose to snorkel or scuba dive with these gentle giants.

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